• ASSET MANAGEMENT: creation and execution of investment strategies, asset portfolio and assets investment and divestment transactions. As the found of Amira, Juan de la Peña, once said: “A well-planned strategy is possible through a correct analysis of the business cycle and a good knowledge of the market”.

  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: management and representation of the ownership of the property.
    AMIRA has a great property management team that serves our clients’ interest. AMIRA also has an IT cutting-edge platform that focuses on management available for our clients.
    The range of possibilities our PM service provides is:

Rental Agreements:

  • Contact with the tenants.
  • Help with the lease contract and other services such as service contracts.
  • Contract monitoring.

Contact with the Public Administration:

  • Paying the property fees and taxes.

Financial and administrative management:

  • Rent collection.
  • Doing the accounting/billing.
  • Economic report: calculation of the annual budgets.
  • Vendor management.

Operational and technical management:

  • Legal maintenance.
  • Development of a maintenance plan.
  • Construction supervision.

Commercial management:

  • Commercialisation of open spaces.
  • Tenants acquisition by means of marketing and advertising.